London: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Merkel, who said goodbye to the royal family, gave up using social media out of frustration.

According to details, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel have stopped using social media, they have not shared anything on social media platforms for a long time.

According to media reports, the hatred shown on Twitter and Facebook has angered Prince Harry and Meghan. The royal couple was forced to stop using social media due to hateful words and statements in posts from users.

Duke Prince Harry, the grandson of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, and his wife, Duchess Magnus, have no plans to use social media for their NGO Archwell.

In an interview on the occasion of World Health Day in 2019, Prince Harry’s American wife Meghan had said that she is the most shouted person in the world on social media and this is unbearable.

Prince Harry also said that social media helps create a crisis of hatred, health, and reality.

Prince Harry also set up a secret account on the social networking site Facebook called Spike, which he used as a regular user.

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