Riyadh: Pakistani actress Zara Al-Balushi got permanent residence in Saudi Arabia

According to Gulf media, Pakistani actress Zara Al-Balushi, who was born in Saudi Arabia, got permanent residence in Saudi Arabia for 800,000 riyals.

She recently said after receiving a permanent residence permit in Saudi Arabia that she could now call the kingdom her “eternal home.”

Zara al-Balushi, 39, who studied in Saudi schools and speaks fluent Arabic, also posted a picture of her ‘premium residency card’ on social media, referring to a program to be launched in Saudi Residence 2019. Found under

Under this program, foreigners can also get a renewable residence for one lakh riyals without a sponsor from a Saudi citizen.

Zara Al-Balushi, who has been acting in Saudi Arabia since 2010, wrote in a tweet: “Thanks for trusting me and giving me permanent residency, I can’t express my happiness, I want to live and die in Saudi Arabia, I’m happy now I can go anywhere from Saudi Arabia without any visa restriction.

Talking to the media, he said that it would prove to be a valuable addition to Saudi arts and cinema.

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