Moscow: Russia has deported Swedish, Polish and German diplomats for participating in unauthorized protests.

According to a foreign media report, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement stating that Swedish, Polish, and German diplomats had participated in unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg on January 23 last month. ۔

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the ambassadors of Sweden, Poland, and Germany were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday to attend unauthorized rallies under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations on April 18, 1961. He was declared an undesirable person and was ordered to leave Russia as soon as possible.

The Russian Ministry stressed in a statement that Russia expects the diplomatic missions of Sweden, Poland, and Germany and their personnel to strictly abide by the forthcoming international law, and not to attend any unauthorized meetings in Russia.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny returned home five months later and was detained at the airport. Thousands took to the streets to protest Alexei Navalny’s arrest and imprisonment. Hundreds were arrested.

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