Abu Dhabi: The Russian armaments group Kalashnikov has announced the supply of new state-of-the-art submachine guns this year.

According to the details, the CEO of the arms company Kalashnikov has said that the company will start supplying new submachine guns in 2021.

Russian submachine guns

Kalashnikov CEO Dmitry Tarasov told the IDX-2021 International Weapons Exhibition in Abu Dhabi that the Kalashnikov Group of Companies plans to start supplying 9mm PPK-20 metro submachine guns this year.

Tarasov said that the supply of PPK sub-machine guns has not started yet, according to the plan, its supply will start in 2021. He said that these state-of-the-art submachine guns are based on Vityaz-SN submachine guns which are proven machine guns.

Tarasov added that there are many differences between the new machine guns and the VTs, including changes to its firing mechanism, more advanced bitstock, silencers, and a new switch.

The top manager of the company said that earlier PPK20 had passed the state trials in 2020.

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