Riyadh: After 25 years of snowfall in the Saudi Arabian city of Bilsmer, which surprised the locals, the Meteorological Center has predicted more snowfall.

According to the Saudi website, the commissioner of the Asir region, Bilsmer, has received heavy snowfall after half a century. This area is located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia.

The snowfall caused a wave of joy and surprise among the locals and foreigners alike. The snowfall made the landscapes of the fields and agricultural farms very attractive.

Residents of Billsmer have shared photos and videos of snowfall scenes on social media, with meteorologists and elders saying it is a unique event of its kind.

The Billsmer area is 3,000 meters above sea level. The temperature has dropped hereafter the snowfall.

Meteorologist Sameer al-Asmari said that snow fell on Monday morning, which made the temperature negative, for the first time in 50 years. It has been raining daily in the city for about a week now. The weather here is often cloudy.

He said that the weather in most parts of Bilsamr and Asir is unstable these days, the temperature has reached minus here and that is why there was snowfall.

The National Meteorological Center has forecast thundershowers and more snow in the Asir region.

Dr. Khalid Al-Zaaq, a member of the Arab Astronomical Organization, said that the second half of winter has begun and it will be very cold during this time. This season will continue for 26 days.

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