Riyadh: The Saudi government is considering the decision to appoint women to the post of a judge and it is expected that steps will be taken soon in this regard.

In this regard, the Saudi Secretary for Manpower and Social Welfare, Hind Al-Zahid, has said that the appointment of women as judges will be made soon. She was commenting on the government’s campaign to empower Saudi women.

According to Saudi media, while talking to a private TV channel, Hind Al-Zahid said that as far as I know, the process of appointment of a judge goes through several stages, to become a judge, one has to obtain the required degree. It would not work without it. However, I am confident that the decision on the appointment of women to the post of the judge will be taken soon.

According to sources, Hindal Zahid said that more than 2,000 women are working in the Ministry of Justice. These include underwriters. The time has come for women to be appointed as judges.

The Saudi secretary of manpower said that Saudi women have stepped into almost all sectors of the kingdom, have held key positions. 50 percent of the Ministry of Education’s staff are women, while the Ministry of Health has 30 percent women.

She said that the participation of women in the civil service sectors has increased from 39% to 41%, the majority of whom are deployed in the health and education sectors.

She said that the presence of women in the Saudi labor market has become acceptable to society. The Saudi leadership is committed to women’s empowerment.

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