Saudi Arabia bans certain spices

Saudi Arabia bans certain spices


Riyadh: Certain spices have been banned in Saudi Arabia, according to officials, prohibited substances are being used in spices.

According to the Saudi website, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority has banned three types of spices in the market. It has been revealed that it uses prohibited ingredients to color spices.

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) says the mother brand red pepper and its spices on the market contain illicit pigments that have harmful effects on human health.

In addition to Ottoman spices and crushed red pepper, Roz-ul-Asil brand spices have been banned.

The authority said that orders have been issued to remove the spices of the said brand from the market. The food authority has also asked the consumers not to use the said spices and those who have these spices in their homes should destroy them. ۔

The Food and Drug Authority has recommended to the concerned authorities to immediately issue orders to remove the said brand of spices from the markets.

The authority has also assured that necessary action will be taken against those responsible for the violation.

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