Riyadh: A Saudi citizen, despite not knowing how to swim, saw a child drowning, jumped into the water without hesitation, and saved the child’s life.

According to the Saudi website, a Saudi citizen, not caring for his life, saved a child from drowning in a raging river when he did not even know how to swim.

The child fell into the water on the bank of the rainy river which could not be recovered due to the rapid flow of water. Seeing the drowning child, the man jumped into the water.

In the video made by the people present there, it can be seen that the child is present on the surface of the muddy water of the river while some people are watching him in a state of fear from the shore.

Amir al-Shehri, a Saudi citizen, jumped into the river without knowing how to swim and without caring for his life. The citizen regained consciousness and pulled the child out of the fast current and helped him to get out of the water.

According to local media, the flow of water in this rain river near Uhud Tharban in the northwest of the Asir region of Saudi Arabia has increased due to the recent heavy rains.

Due to recent rains, such streams overflow their banks, prompting local authorities to urge the public to stay away from such areas.

On the other hand, the said Amir has advised all the people living near the river to keep their children away from the river bank.

After the video of his heroic act went viral on social media, the hashtag hero Amir Al-Shehri started trending in Arabic. Social media users praised his courage, while a Saudi businessman gave him a reward of $2,667 dollars.

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