Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Cyber ​​Security (CERT) has made a shocking revelation about the browser used in Android phones.

According to Arab media reports, Saudi Arabia’s CERT said in a statement issued on Thursday that a security flaw had been found in the Firefox and Firefox EXR browsers used in Android phones.

The cybersecurity watchdog issued an alert highlighting the flaw and warned citizens that these flaws in Firefox could be extremely dangerous.

According to security experts, hackers can take advantage of flaws in Firefox to insert dangerous programs into Android smartphones or devices, which could lead to the theft of your data.

Saudi technicians have advised consumers to update Firefox Internet browsers on their computers and mobile phones immediately.

The CERT instructed citizens to pay special attention to the flaws of the browsers installed in the Mac, LINUX, system.

The Saudi CERT has said that hackers can take full advantage of the flaws in the system to launch malicious programs, so Firefox should be updated at the earliest opportunity.

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