Riyadh: An Indian Muslim driver was mysteriously found dead in the Al-Muttar area of ​​Shaqra Commissionerate in Saudi Arabia.

According to Arab media reports, the Indian family driver, who had been missing for the past three days in Al-Muttar, was found dead at his home.

According to the report, the initial possibility is that the death of the citizen was due to suffocation, because the house had a coal fire next to the bed and the coal had turned to ashes, the fire is believed to have depleted the oxygen in the room.

Oxygen deprivation can cause death, but it would be pointless to say anything before the investigation.

Police said that the man used to come to the mosque regularly for prayers but in the last few days, the worshipers had lodged a complaint of missing citizen due to his absence.

When the police reached the residence of the dead driver, the room was locked and there was a stench of a dead body inside. When the door was broken, the citizen was lying dead.

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