Saudi Arabia is preparing to build a separate beach for women, and a beach design has been developed.

According to the report of Urdu News, a separate beach for women in Saudi Arabia will be prepared by Al-Jubail Industrial City.

Saudi Arabia to build separate beaches for women
Saudi Arabia to build separate beaches for women | PC: Syedti magazine

In this regard, the local council of Jubail Industrial City said that the first separate beach for women in Jubail will be built north of the Corniche Sea Front.

Citing Syedti magazine, the report said that the chairman of the local council, Nayef Al-Dawish, said that in this regard, the design of a separate beach for women has already been prepared.

He said that work on this achievement for women would be started within 90 days.

Nayef Al-Dawish said that the beach to be developed will be one of the tourism projects in the area and the Local Government Council has prepared a five-year plan in this regard.

He added that the first separate beach for women is part of Saudi Vision 2030.

Nayef al-Dawish said the beach aims to increase local council investment and raise living standards.

He also said that in addition to greenery, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and other facilities will be available on this separate women’s beach.

Nayef al-Dawish said that special care would be taken for privacy on this separate beach.

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The Chairman of the Local Government Council said that this beach will be closed to the population of Jubail city and the residents of Jubail Industrial City will be able to walk on the beach easily.

It should be noted that in the last few years in Saudi Arabia, women have been allowed to be a part of many important aspects of society which they were not allowed to do before.

Ways for women to participate in various sports have also been paved and they have been allowed to travel abroad without a male mentor.

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