Riyadh: Saudi Arabia ranks fifth among the world’s largest countries in terms of armored units.

According to a recent survey by the Global Firepower, a military website, Saudi Arabia ranks fifth globally in terms of “armored regiments”.

In the Armored Regiment category, the United States ranks first, China second, Russia third, and South Korea fourth.

According to a report by Global Firepower, Saudi Arabia’s evil forces have 12,500 armored vehicles.

US forces have 40,000 armored personnel carriers, China has 35,000 armored regiments, Russia has 27,100 armored units, and South Korea has 14,100 armored vehicles.

Saudi Arabia’s armed forces currently lead Britain, Germany, France, Iran, Turkey, and Israel in terms of their 12,500 armored regiments.

Regionally, Turkey ranks 6th in terms of armored vehicles with 11,630 armored units, Egypt ranks 8th with 11,000 units, and Pakistan ranks 11th. There are 9,635 units.

Iran’s armed forces have 8,500 armored vehicles, currently ranked 15th globally, and Israel 17th with 7,500 armored units.

It should be noted that the Armored Unit is considered to be the most important unit of the Armed Forces which is used on very important occasions.

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