Riyadh: A woman who was vaccinated against corona for the first time in Saudi Arabia says that she is a lucky person who has been vaccinated for the first time. May Allah keep our government happy.

Saudi Arabia has begun administering the corona vaccine to its citizens on Thursday. In this regard, the Saudi woman who is the first woman in the kingdom to be vaccinated, her feelings and emotions are visible.

Sheikha al-Harbi, a Saudi woman, said in a message on the former contact website Twitter that she could not express her happiness. After being vaccinated, they could not sleep happily at night.

According to a foreign news agency, Sheikha Al-Harbi offered many prayers to the government and said that God bless our government which pays so much attention to the people. I consider myself a lucky person, I am the first woman to be vaccinated, happiness is my greatest happiness.

It may be recalled that the Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rubayeh, had vaccinated against coronavirus yesterday and after that, he had launched a public vaccination campaign. Yesterday, more than 1.5 million people registered to be vaccinated. The vaccine will not be mandatory but optional, but it will be free for all Saudis and immigrants.

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