Kuwait City: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center has extended an invitation to all citizens of Kuwait to celebrate the National Day of Kuwait.

In this regard, colorful activities and celebrations will be held at the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center. According to Kuwaiti media, the Cultural Center is also excited to celebrate this day for the first time during the reign of its new Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

In this regard, special programs are being organized by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center to celebrate the completion of 30 years of the country in which citizens will fully participate.

The invitation issued to the public by the Cultural Center states that we would like to take advantage of the creativity of you and your children if you wish to draw your own poems in this regard or submit articles or historical stories appropriate to freedom, Contact us if you want.

In connection with the Independence Day celebrations, the Cultural Center will organize an exhibition in which the works of these children will be displayed and prizes will be awarded to the children for their best creative works.

Aspiring children can use the A4 sheet to participate in the competition and write a poem or a picture on it, write your name and age on one side of the paper then email it to this address.

Apart from this, the Center will also organize activities to ensure the participation of adults. In this regard, there will be a photography competition in which all the photographers have been invited to celebrate and participate in the Independence Day celebrations.

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