Sri Lanka plans to ban Muslim women from wearing burqas and close over 1000 Islamic Schools

The Sri Lankan government plans to ban Muslim women from wearing burqas and madrassas in the country.

Sri Lanka to ban Burqas and Isalmic Schools
PC: The Washington Post

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Public Security Rear Admiral Sarath Verasikara announced plans to ban the burqa and ban madrassas at a press conference.

“Initially, Muslim women did not wear the burqa, but now the burqa is a symbol of religious extremism and will soon be banned,” he said.

The Sri Lankan minister said there were also plans to close madrassas, adding that no one would be able to open a school in Sri Lanka after the new national education policy.

More than a thousand madrassas will be closed due to Sri Lanka’s ban on madrassas.

Rear Admiral Sarath Verasikara said, “I have signed the ban documents which will now be approved by the cabinet while the ban will be imposed under ‘national security.”

Muslims are a minority in Sri Lanka, and there have been widespread protests over the past several months over the cremation of Muslims killed in Corona, but recently after criticism from the United States and human rights groups, Burial is allowed instead of cremation.

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