LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a roadmap for phasing out lockdowns and lifting sanctions.

Addressing the Parliament, the Prime Minister said that all lockdown restrictions would be lifted by June 21. The lockdown would end in four phases, with an interval of five weeks between each phase.

British PM Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister said that the first phase would consist of two sections, all schools would be open from March 8, outdoor sports would be allowed while some schools could be opened late for test arrangements.

Boris Johnson said that from March 8, two people will be able to have a picnic together in public places, from March 29, six members of two families will be able to meet outside the house, in the garden and from the same day tennis, basketball courts, golf course and football ground will be opened.

The Prime Minister announced that every resident of Care Homes will be allowed to meet one person, hold hands, from March 29, people will be allowed to leave their areas but will not be allowed to spend nights outside their area, shops, hairdressers, gym Pubs, restaurants, and cinemas will be open from May 17.

Boris Johnson said four conditions must be met before the phased ban can be lifted, including the vaccine program, the death rate, the infection rate, and the new virus. The government will regularly review measures, reduce social distance and allow international travel, and develop strategies for easing lockdowns in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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