WASHINGTON – Four people have been killed in violence in the US capital, Washington after President Trump’s supporters stormed and rioted.

According to US media has killed four people during a violent demonstration, while police have arrested 52 after violent protests resigned social secretary of the White House, In addition, the emergency in Washington DC has been extended for 15 days.

According to media reports, at least 14 Metropolitan Police Department personnel were injured during the protests, and police recovered two pipe bombs.

Earlier in the day, Trump supporters in the United States, which claims to be the world’s superpower, stormed Congress during protests. Biden’s victory was to be officially announced.

Thousands of Trump supporters have been in Washington since yesterday to block Biden’s victory. Several armed protesters stormed the Capitol.

Protesters smashed congressional windows and doors and fired tear gas shells. Members of Congress lay in the hall to save the protesters from being attacked, while members of Congress were given gas masks on Capitol Hill. The pro-Speaker went to Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the chamber.

US protest

According to US media reports, the White House and the Pentagon have said that National Guard troops have been deployed in Washington and other states following the onslaught of pro-Trump protesters.

A White House spokesman tweeted: “President Trump has called for National Guard troops to deal with the unrest. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan said the National Guard has been called in to assist federal law enforcement.”


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