Texas: A teacher who became famous nationally with a video of her school children lost his life while fighting a corona infection. The death of a famous compassionate school teacher has saddened people.

According to US media, the famous teacher of Alpaso, Texas, lost his life due to Corona. He made a captivating video of his school children in 2018 and shared it on social media, due to the video going viral. She became famous all over the United States.

Zeilen Blancs, 35, made a video of first-graders in elementary school two years ago, asking children to choose between good morning and goodbye, hug each other, shake hands, or clap. Or to fight Mecca.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Zillian Blocks wrote that what a wonderful way to have a weekend, she told local media that she wanted to make the children feel like they were studying in a safe place and safe. Learning in the environment.

The heart-wrenching and children’s favorite teacher tested positive for the corona virus on October 20. At first, her condition worsened but she recovered from the treatment, and she began to take care of herself, but then suddenly her condition worsened. Too bad he had to be transferred to the ICU.

He died on Monday, December 28, after spending nine weeks in the ICU and two months fighting the coronavirus.

The principal of the school, Christina Sanchez Shaveira, told the media that she was always kind, she was a very loving person, and even her small steps had captivated many people.

He added that the school children were very satisfied and happy with him, which can also be seen in this video.

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