LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is using all possible means to control a new strain of the virus, with more than 500,000 people receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he is aware of the concerns of friendly countries regarding the new strain of Corona and realizes that the World Health Organization had timely informed the new strain of the virus.

Boris Johnson says new therapies want to work with friendly countries to innovate vaccines, a global response is needed to defeat the virus.

It should be noted that due to the new type of Corona, more than 40 countries have imposed travel bans on the United Kingdom. Hundreds of flights have been canceled due to restrictions. Passengers are facing severe difficulties.

European travelers returning home before Christmas have also been stranded due to flight closures.

In addition, Turkey has canceled flights to four countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, and South Africa, due to the new type of Corona.

Oman and Saudi Arabia also suspended international flights for a week, following a new outbreak of the corona in Britain and Europe.

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