SAN FRANCISCO: After the social media app was removed from Amazon, Google, and the Apple Store, Trump supporters began threatening to kill the founder of the social media app “Parler”, causing him to go into hiding.

According to international media reports, Google, Apple, and Amazon have indefinitely removed the application called “Parler” from their stores in view of the accusations of Trump supporters and the threat of disturbing the peace in the United States.

According to media reports, after the strict policies of Twitter and Facebook, Trump supporters were using an app called Parlor in which they were also trying to provoke the people against the election results.

Google first removed the Parler app from its Play Store, explaining that Biden’s opponents were abusing the platform. We all see it, but it’s hard to stop them, so the app was removed from the store indefinitely.

According to US media reports, John Mattis, the chief executive officer of the mobile application parlor, had been receiving threats of serious consequences, including murder, for the past several days.

He also filed a petition with Washington, D.C. police, seeking protection.

Documents released by a U.S. court have stated that Mezzie went into hiding with her family following threats of “serious consequences.” He was also threatened by hackers.

The Parler app filed a lawsuit against Amazon in a local court in the United States after it was removed from the app store.

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