Jakarta: The last heartbreaking message of the woman who boarded the unfortunate plane of Indonesia has come to light.

A day earlier, a passenger plane carrying 50 passengers and 12 crew members, including 10 children, had disappeared from the Indonesian capital Jakarta after taking off.

According to Indonesian Aviation, the Sri Lankan Air Flight 182 lost contact with the control room at an altitude of 10,000 feet and then disappeared from radar.

According to aviation, the plane was over the Java Sea when it went missing. Later, the fishermen spotted the wreckage and informed the concerned authorities, after which rescue workers rushed to the spot.


The Boeing B737 took off at 2:40 p.m., local time. According to eyewitnesses, 60 seconds later, they heard two explosions.

An unfortunate woman named Rathi Vandanya was traveling with her three children in the ill-fated plane. She shared her last photo with the children at the airport on the internet, in which everyone looked very happy.


She said goodbye to her family in Indonesian and said, “We are going home.”

Rathi’s brother Irfan Sia told the Daily Mail that “we tried to get my sister and nephew on the second flight but at the last minute Rathi changed her mind and went home with the same plane ticket.” ۔ Irfan said, “Rathi’s message is heartbreaking for us, and whenever we read it, everyone starts crying.”

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