Andhra Pradesh: In India, it became costly for a housemaid to post her picture on WhatsApp wearing stolen jewelry.

Gold Jewellery

According to details, a housemaid wearing stolen jewelry and posting pictures on WhatsApp status was arrested in an area of Guntur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

According to the police statement, a burglary took place in the flat of a man named Amod on November 29, in which 4 gold bangles, a necklace, 2 earrings, a baby chain, and other valuables were stolen.

Police registered a case of theft on the complaint of the landlord and started the investigation. However, Amud’s wife was surprised to see the accused Sunita wearing a stolen sari and jewelry with her husband in the WhatsApp status.

Amod’s wife immediately reported the matter to her husband, who alerted police, who later arrested Sunita near a bus stand in the area.

Police said that the manager of the apartment had handed over the keys to the housemaid to clean the empty flats.

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