DHAKA: A transgender newscaster who has attempted suicide four times due to sexual exploitation in Bangladesh has burst into tears while reading the news.

According to an international media report, 29-year-old Tashnuva Anan Shishir, who hails from Bangladesh, became the first eunuch to become a newscaster after reading the news on television on Monday.

Newscaster burst into tears
PC: The Guardian

For the first time, she was given the opportunity to appear on the TV screen and read the news on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the newscaster burst into tears while reading the news.

According to the details, when Tashnuva started reading the news, her eyes got wet and then after the newsletter was over, she became agitated.

Born under the name of Kamal Hussain Sashir, Tashnuva realized at an early age that he was a eunuch. She revealed that for many years I had been abused and sexually abused.

According to the report, the number of eunuchs in Bangladesh is around 1.5 million who face ridicule and sexual exploitation in various places. “I tried to commit suicide four times after the incidents that happened to me, but each time my father saved me,” she said.

“I was so embarrassed when my neighbor told my father about my shield that I ran away from home,” she said.

“I lived alone in the western district of Dhaka and decided to fight for my life. Later I met some people who gave me psychiatric treatment and then I continued my education with a job in a welfare institution,” she said.

According to Bangladesh’s education department, Tashnuva earned a master’s degree in January this year, after which she became the first eunuch to pursue higher education.

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