SEOUL – North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, reappeared a year later.

According to international media reports, the wife of the North Korean president has been missing for the past year, and various rumors have been circulating since her disappearance.

Now Kim Jong-Un’s wife has appeared on camera a year later. She can be seen as healthy in the pictures that appear on the internet.

All speculations have automatically faded since the resurgence.

Rumors were circulating about the resuscitation that she may have contracted a deadly disease like corona or became pregnant due to which she has limited herself.

According to state media, the 30-year-old Ri Sol Ju attended a birthday party for her father-in-law and former leader Kim Jong-Un.

According to the state news agency, when North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and his wife entered the hall with the welcome music, the participants applauded and greeted them warmly.

Surprisingly, none of the guests at the event wore masks or followed the Corona SOPs.

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