Shocking images have gone viral on the internet, showing a hospitalized patient with his body mutilated. Consumers were horrified to see these images.

By the way, pictures are appearing on the internet every day, which sometimes pleasantly surprises the users, while some of them get scared.

These days, images have gone viral on social networking sites, leaving users terrified.

If we talk about the first picture, it can be seen that a person is lying on a hospital bed with bed number one written on the back.


In the photo, the person lying on the bed has his arms and legs amputated while some limbs are also seen to be completely separated.

Social media users were horrified to see these pictures, but when the truth came to them, they were shocked.

The person in the picture is real, but the bed and the cut limbs on it are not real, but a cake, produced on order by a cake maker.


The cake maker was so neat in his art that he not only showed the hospital scene in his cake but also made a small table with a lamp on it. A woman is also seen holding a plate in her hand.

According to the report, this cake is called ‘Hyper Real Stick Cake’ which is made to reflect human life.

The photographer who photographed the cake captured the scene on camera in such a way that viewers thought it was real.

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