The United States has agreed to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.

According to foreign media, the United States has once again agreed to be a part of the nuclear deal with Iran with the world powers, from which former US President Trump had announced his withdrawal.

Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal reached between Iran and other world powers in 2018, after which Iran also announced its withdrawal from the agreement on its nuclear program.

However, the new US president Joe Biden has once again agreed to join the nuclear deal.

According to media reports, a US State Department spokesman said that the United States has accepted the invitation of the European Union to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.

According to media reports, a senior European diplomat making an offer on the Iran deal said it was a crucial time for an agreement between the world powers.

On the other hand, Iran has not formally responded to Europe’s offer to resume talks.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has tweeted that he has agreed to abide by the agreement only if US sanctions are lifted from Iran.

According to media reports, Iran had pressured the Biden administration to suspend international inspections of its nuclear sites if the United States did not lift sanctions on Iran.


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