Washington – The United States has threatened Egypt with sanctions if it buys Russian warplanes.

According to a foreign news agency, the United States has strongly warned Egypt against buying warplanes from Russia. The United States has previously threatened Turkey.

Russian Jet

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken had a telephone conversation with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh al-Shukri yesterday in which they discussed the purchase of Russian warplanes by Egypt.

The US Secretary of State said that Egypt should take a very thoughtful step in this regard. Blinken also highlighted the importance of a strong strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt.

Earlier, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had threatened Egypt. He had said that if Egypt bought Sukhoi-35 fighter jets from Russia, it would face US sanctions.

The former US secretary of state has called on all allies, including Egypt, not to buy arms from Russia to secure relations with the United States. He said that if he did, he could face US sanctions.

It should be noted that besides Egypt, the United States is also putting pressure on Turkey not to buy fighter jets from Russia. If the two countries or any other US ally buys fighter jets from Russia, the US sanctions system will be activated and sanctions will be imposed on them.

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