London: The British company Amazon was shocked by the wrong results of the coronavirus.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, the corona test of about 4000 employees of the British company Amazon came negative but due to the mistake of the call center, all the employees were told the results of the corona test positive.

The company also admitted the mistake a few hours after the self-isolating instructions.

It should be noted that the most dangerous form of the corona has come to light in the UK at the moment, however, after the steps taken by the UK, the number of corona cases is decreasing.

According to British officials, there were 4,345 deaths last week, down 25 percent from the previous week. So far, 15,576,000 people in the UK have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Recently, British experts had revealed that a new type of coronavirus coming into the UK is deadly and more dangerous.

The reasons for the increase in mortality as a result of this new strain have not been fully elucidated, with some evidence suggesting that people infected with B1.1.7 have a higher viral load, which not only increases the risk of the virus. It can spread rapidly and can potentially affect the effectiveness of certain therapies.

On the other hand, in two areas of Manchester, Harfrey, and Moston, instructions have been issued to the citizens to get the corona test done immediately when a new type of corona is introduced.

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