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The young woman broke the boy’s teeth while arguing

OTTAWA: A young woman in northwestern Canada’s Liverpool tortured a boy while arguing and smashed his teeth with a bottle.

According to the report of ‘The Mirror‘, Liverpool’s 28-year-old Mag Delana Sarasowska warned her friend Alexander Brady during the conversation and then became enraged.

At the woman’s request, when her friend disobeyed and argued, she became angry, after which she first tortured the boy and then picked up a bottle placed nearby and slapped him on the lips.

Alexander’s front teeth were broken and blood gushed out of his mouth as a result of the bottle hitting by the woman in the face. Later, when the police got the report of the incident, the officers reached there and arrested the woman and shifted her to jail while the injured youth was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to police officials, at the time of the altercation, the woman was intoxicated. During the conversation, there was a minor altercation which turned into a bloody altercation.

The woman told police that she had also warned the boy not to argue on December 21 last year, when he disobeyed, I attacked the house in the middle of the night.

According to the victim, he had a discussion with the woman about the future, after which she became very angry.

Police arrested the woman, charged her, and produced her in a local Liverpool court, where Meg Delana pleaded guilty and said she was the one who tortured Alexander. The court fined the woman 250 pounds and ordered the boy to pay the amount.


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