Washington: US President Trump is facing major problems and sanctions even before he leaves office.

After the attack on Capitol Hill and the message issued to the supporters, the difficulties of the US President are increasing day by day and the House has also approved the motion of impeachment.

As Trump’s days in power draw to a close, various sanctions are being imposed on him.

The social networking site Facebook, the microblogging platform Twitter, announced the permanent closure of Trump’s account, while the video-sharing platform YouTube suspended Trump’s account for a week a day earlier for a policy violation.

Trump has hinted at launching his social media network following restrictions imposed by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. “We will not remain silent under any circumstances, we will definitely find an alternative after these sanctions,” he said in a message to supporters.

The issue was under discussion when news broke that the video-sharing app AsnapChat had fired Trump.

A statement from Snapchat on Wednesday said Trump’s personal and public accounts have been permanently blocked.

According to the company, Trump’s statements and videos raised fears of riots and incidents such as Capitol Hill, such videos are a violation of the policy on the basis of which a permanent ban has been imposed.

Snapchat closed Trump’s account for seven days after issuing a warning a week ago, but now the administration intends to close it permanently in the public interest.

Snapchat users said when Trump’s account was blocked, “Trump is gone.”

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