Washington – A curfew has been imposed in the capital, Washington, D.C., following violent protests and clashes by Donald Trump supporters.

Violent protests by President Trump’s supporters continue in the United States, which claims to be the world’s superpower. Trump’s supporters attacked Congress during the protests.

According to media reports, the Presidential Electoral College vote was to be held in Congress today, and Biden’s victory was to be officially announced after the Electoral vote.

Thousands of Trump supporters have been in Washington since yesterday to block Biden’s victory. Several armed protesters stormed the Congress building.

Protesters smashed Congress windows and doors and fired tear gas shells. Members of Congress lay in the hall to save the protesters from being attacked, while members of Congress were provided with gas masks on Capitol Hill.

The pro-Trump speaker took Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the chamber. US media say a woman who was shot during the protest also died.

US protest

“I know the protesters are suffering, I know the presidential election was stolen from us,” Trump said in a tweet about violent protests by supporters.

Twitter administration’s action on Trump’s tweet

Trump appealed to the protesters to go home for peace, I love my supporters, they do not take the law into their own hands.

US media say that the Twitter administration flagged President Trump’s tweet as controversial, the Twitter administration says that President Trump said controversial things about election theft.

Newly elected President Joe Biden’s tweet

“Politics should not be used for personal gain,” Biden said.

He said Trump should abide by his oath and defend the constitution because what is happening on Capitol Hill is not a protest but a violent uprising and American democracy is under attack.

On the other hand, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the resumption of electoral voting. Nancy Pelosi said that tonight Congress will officially announce Biden’s victory.

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