Supporters of US President Donald Trump have crossed all boundaries of indifference and aggression, and after his attack on the US Congress, another Trump supporter has made a very tragic move in which a mute animal has been targeted.

According to US media, a Manatee (called a sea cow) has been spotted in a river in Florida with Trump’s name engraved on the back.

U.S. federal agencies have launched an investigation into the heinous act.

According to US media reports, the Manatee was first spotted by the captain of a boat in a Florida river.

The investigation revealed that Trump’s name was engraved on the skin of the Manatee’s back.

According to aquatic experts, the outer skin of the Manatee’s back is like moss, and Trump’s name is engraved on it. Of course, this dumb animal must have suffered a lot during this process.

Federal agencies have launched an investigation into the incident and are searching for the perpetrator, including teams from the U.S. Aquatic and Wildlife Service.

Authorities say the Manatee is on the endangered species list and harming such animals can result in a $50,000 dollars fine and up to a year in prison.

According to them, those involved in the incident will be found and punished according to law.


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