Washington: Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has expressed happiness over the end of Uncle Trump’s presidency.

According to the details, Mary Trump has said at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency that she will not feel relaxed until Biden is sworn in, Trump will still try to spread discrimination.

“Trump has not accepted his defeat to this day, nor will he, I think we saved ourselves from a bullet,” said Marie L. Trump.

Mary described Trump as unfit for office and devoid of the skills needed to lead the country and expressing happiness, she said that she will get relaxed until Biden is sworn in.

Psychologist Mary also published a book last year based on several revelations about Trump. She has been a strong critic of President Trump.

“This is probably the worst day of my life because this is a shameful end to the administration,” Mary said of Trump’s last days in the White House.

She said his face would be worth seeing when he left the office Because playing free golf will end, there will be no more flatterers, media attention will end, social media will also end because I will have no need to watch when Facebook and Twitter change their minds, and many legal issues will arise separately.

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