Washington: After the riots in the United States, while close associates are leaving Trump, his children and wife also disappeared from the scene.

According to US media reports, Trump’s troubles have been escalating since the attack on Capitol Hill by supporters, close associates have withdrawn from the US president and his social media accounts have been blocked.

The matter has now gone one step further as Trump’s children and wife Melania Trump have also remained silent since the Capitol Hill incident and are now completely missing from the scene.

According to US media reports, Melania Trump was last seen on Capitol Hill on New Year’s Eve, but she has not tweeted on a social networking site since January 2. Melania also posted her last Christmas post on Instagram. With reference to

According to media reports, Trump supporters held a ceremony in honor of the US President in which Melania Trump and children refrained from attending.

According to the report, Melania visited the White House on New Year’s Day, where she spoke briefly and then disappeared.

On the other hand, there are rumors circulating in the US media that Melania Trump intends to secede under the agreement after the end of her presidency, for which she has already completed legal action.

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