LONDON: There has been a sharp rise in new cases of coronavirus in the Essex area of ​​the British capital, leading to a shortage of patient space in hospitals.

According to the details, hospitals in the Essex area of ​​London were filled with patients and there was no room for more patients.

The local government called the shortage of capacity in hospitals a dire situation and sought help from the central government.

The British National Health Security has also issued a public service in this regard, appealing to the public not to come to the hospital except in an emergency and stay at home.

National Health Security instructed the public not to call 999 except for emergencies.

On the other hand, British Health Minister Matthew Hancock while addressing the Parliament said that “Lockdown Ter Four is being implemented in 23 more cities of the UK”. He said a severe lockdown would be imposed in three-quarters of England’s cities.

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