Home World Unique case, the woman could not prove herself alive

Unique case, the woman could not prove herself alive


The woman, who was pronounced dead by the court, has to struggle to prove herself alive.

The true story is not of a Third World country, but of a woman from a developed country, France, who has been struggling for years to prove herself alive.

A 58-year-old woman from Lyon, France, who was pronounced dead by a Labor court during a long-running dispute with a former employee, is now trying to prove herself alive.

Jane Pachain is trying to prove that in November 2017, a former employee of hers reported her death in court, in which the woman was pronounced dead.

The woman has no official record of her identity. She lost her ID card, driver’s license, bank account, and health insurance.

“It’s a strange case,” said Jane Pachen’s lawyer, Sloan Cormier. The plaintiff claimed that Mrs. Pouchin died without providing any evidence and everyone believed it, no one investigated.


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