Virginia: The National Guard of the US state of West Virginia has announced that more than three dozen people were mistakenly given Regeneron monoclonal antibodies instead of the Modrona vaccine.

At a vaccination clinic run by Bonn County Health Department staff, 42 people received antibody products as intramuscular.

The treatment, which was approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration in November, is usually given as a moisturizer.

Bonnie County Health Department official Julie Miller told the media it was a separate incident of its kind.

According to the West Virginia National Guard, medical experts with the Joint Intelligence Task Force do not believe these 42 individuals are at risk of any harm and all those who have been given monoclonal antibodies have been re-contacted.

Regeneron is a combination of drugs that contain antibodies designed to treat Covid 19, the same drug that was administered to President Donald Trump when he became ill with the virus.

A Virginia National Guard press release states that the moment we were notified of the incident, we acted promptly to correct it and immediately reviewed our protocols to prevent the distribution process. Steps taken.

In this regard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that as a precautionary measure, vaccination should be delayed for at least 90 days until additional information becomes available.

Miller added that the Bone Health Department will continue to work with the State National Guard and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to review internal policies and procedures.

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