Washington: US President Joe Biden has withdrawn one of his key appointments.

According to foreign media, US President Joe Biden had announced the appointment of Neera Tanden for the post of Director Office Management and Budget, however, there were growing concerns from lawmakers on which President Joe Biden withdrew from the appointment.

Neera Tanden
Neera Tanden PC: GEO NEWS

According to media reports, some Republican senators and Democrats opposed Trump’s nomination during his presidency, citing some of Neera’s tweets.

In a statement, Biden said he had accepted Neera’s request to step down because of the controversy.

The US president said that he had great respect for Neera because of his ability, experience, and record and that is why he is looking forward to a role in his administration. They will bring an important idea into our work.

However, the US president did not specify what responsibilities he would give Neera to his administration.

According to media reports, Neera has previously served as president of the American Development Center.

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