Three people, including two police officers, were injured in an alleged car bomb attack outside the US Capitol Hill and the Congressional Office building, prompting a high alert and an investigation.

According to the Reuters news agency, Capitol police said that a suspect has been arrested in response to the injuries sustained by two officers in the car attack.

Alleged car attack outside Capitol Hill
President Biden was not in Washington at the time of the alleged attack. | PC: AP

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The three injured, including two officers, were taken to hospital, police said in a statement.

After the alleged attack outside the iconic Capitol Hill building, a heavy contingent of police arrived at the site of a raid by supporters of former President Donald Trump on January 6, three months ago.

Police blocked all access to Capitol Hill and were not allowed in.

A helicopter began aerial surveillance at the scene and observers were instructed to leave the area, as well as videos showing two wounded being transported in an ambulance.

According to the report, security barriers erected after the January 6 attack were removed only a few weeks ago.

Members of Congress were not in Washington at the time of the alleged attack, as both the Senate and House of Representatives are on Easter vacation.

US President Joe Biden was out of town at the time and arrived at the presidential palace in Camp David, Maryland.

On January 6, supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Hill building in Washington, D.C., in a bid to change the outcome of the US presidential election and retain President-elect Joe Biden. And 4 people were killed as a result of the violence.

During the attack on Donald Trump’s supporters, lawmakers in the Capitol Hill building were forced to hide under desks to save their lives.

The shooting killed a woman inside Capitol Hill, prompting the mayor to impose a curfew in Washington in the evening to reduce violence.

Leaders and governments around the world have condemned the unpleasant scenes in the US capital, while Facebook has blocked US President Donald Trump on its social media apps indefinitely.

An impeachment motion was later filed against Trump, but the Senate acquitted him of his role in the violent protests in the capital.

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The trial of the former president, which is accused of inciting a coup, lasted for five days and the number of votes against him was 57 against 43 while a two-thirds majority was needed to convict him.

The former president resigned on January 20, so impeachment proceedings could not be used to remove him from office, but Democrats hoped to punish him for blaming the capital’s violent siege. I will succeed so that he will not be able to return to public office.

The former US president delivered a provocative speech shortly after which his supporters stormed the US capital’s Capitol Hill on January 6.

In the voting process, 7 Republican senators voted in favor of punishing Donald Trump by the Democrats.

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