An Indian girl committed suicide after being harassed by her in-laws in the name of dowry, but before committing suicide, a video of her went viral.

Ayesha, 23, from Ahmedabad, India, talked to her parents and her husband before committing suicide.

Indian Girl suicides
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Ayesha committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati River from the River Front Walkway in Ahmedabad.

In a viral video on social media, Ayesha attributed her death to a lack of destiny rather than to her husband or anyone else.

Ayesha admitted in a video before the suicide that she was not pressured by anyone to do so, while before jumping into the river, Ayesha asked her father to withdraw the case filed against her husband.

In the video, Ayesha’s parents can be heard making all sorts of promises to stop them from taking this extreme step.

According to Indian media reports, Ayesha was married to a man named Arif Khan in 2018. Immediately after the marriage, Ayesha was harassed by Arif and his family for dowry.

According to the report, Ayesha was fed up with the words of her in-laws and went back to her parents’ house but Ayesha had to return to her in-laws once again due to the intervention of relatives.

Ayesha’s father also gave Rs 1.5 lakh to her son-in-law but nothing could be changed and he had to face the doorstep of his parents once again while fear of separation from her husband forced Ayesha to take a suicide step.

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