Canary Islands: Spanish rescue workers rescued passengers aboard a boat carrying migrants stranded at sea, but before the rescue workers arrived, there was a tragedy on the boat.

According to media reports, Spanish aid workers were informed on Friday that a boat was stranded in the sea near the Canary Islands. Rescue workers rescued more than 30 migrants from the boat on Friday night.

It turned out that the migrants had embarked on a dangerous voyage to reach Europe in a small boat, and then they were caught in the high waves, the passengers were from different countries who were going to Europe seeking asylum.

The passengers were fortunate that the rescue accidentally found out about them and arrived on time to rescue them. The boat was about 160 kilometers (99 miles) south of Grand Canary Island in the open sea at the mercy of merciless waves. She was swaying at Karam.

It was learned that a 9-year-old boy was also on board the boat but during the voyage, he fell seriously ill and then died. The boat had little space so the boatmen decided to throw the boy’s body into the sea, Following this decision, the body of the boy was handed over to the sea.

According to the rescue, there were 11 men, 20 women, and 3 minors among the passengers of the boat.

According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, the sea near the Canary Islands has swallowed up more than 500 people, while last year about 23,000 migrants and migrants arrived in the Spanish islands in small boats seeking refuge in Europe.

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