New Delhi: An accused was caught stealing lakhs of rupees from people’s bank accounts through an ATM machine in India, who also revealed his whereabouts.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, the Indian police arrested the accused from Noida city who has so far looted the property of several bank customers, while the other accomplice of the arrested citizen is still at large.

According to the report, the accused named Nazim revealed that his accomplice used to install a scammer device and a small camera instead of a swipe in the ATM machine through which we could get the PIN code and other important information of the customers.

According to the accused, after getting all the data, the clone used to prepare debit cards so that the customers could get access to their bank accounts and withdraw lakhs of rupees. So far, they have committed fraud of 4 million rupees.

Police have seized several items from the accused, including clone debit cards of various banks.

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