The Palau Republic, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, is set to become the first country in the world to have its entire population undergoing corona vaccination.

covid 19 vaccine

The Republic of Palau is still immune to the corona epidemic, soon to be the first country in the world to develop a collective defense against the epidemic through vaccines, with vaccinations starting on January 3.

The Republic of Palau, with a total population of 18,000, received the coronavirus vaccine from the American pharmaceutical company Moderna, which arrived in the country last weekend. The first batch of vaccines provided 2,800 doses. , Senior officials and special groups are being vaccinated.


According to the WHO, no epidemic has been reported in the Republic of Palau so far. From the beginning of the epidemic, the Palau authorities adopted a strict strategy and closed their borders. The shipment of the vaccine was provided in case of good relations with the United States. The virus has been tested in the citizens here since April.

It should be noted that Palau is spread over an area of ​​459 square kilometers, which is the same size as Pakistan’s twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and in case of low population, this vaccine will become the first country to provide the vaccine to the entire population.

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