Riyadh: Spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein has said that cash rewards are given to those who report forgery, fraud and violation of laws in the kingdom.

saudi government annouces cash rewards to those who reports fraud and forgery

According to Arab media reports, rewards can be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce in the event of reporting commercial counterfeiting, fraud and illegal business in Saudi Arabia, rewarded with a fine from a businessman involved in the illegal act. Goes

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said the reward amount was determined by the nature of the fraud and forgery and then the informant was rewarded with a fine.

Saudi Arabia fines several businesses for violating SOPs

Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein said that anyone who provides information on matters including hazardous and substandard items to human health will receive 25% of the total amount of the fine, however the reward amount is given by the court after the final verdict. The second type of information relates to foreign businesses in the name of Saudi nationals.

He said those who provided information on illegal and foreign businesses in the name of Saudi nationals would be rewarded with 30 percent of the total fine.

It may be recalled that earlier, the Ministry of Commerce had announced a reward of 123,000 riyals for 19 citizens and foreigners residing.

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