The ‘loneliest’ elephant in the world, Kaavan was transferred from Pakistan to Cambodia in November last year, with American singer and actress Cher playing a major role in the effort.

Singer and actress Cher was the first international figure to raise the voice of the poor living elephant ‘Kaavan’ at the zoo in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

American Singer Cher with Kaavan Elephant
Kaavan was transferred from Pakistan to Cambodia in November 2020 – screenshot Paramount Plus

But the question is, why did singer Cher help Kaavan and how did she come to know about her plight?

Cher recently answered the same question in a podcast on the showbiz website Variety, explaining how she came to know about Kaavan’s difficult life.

Singer Cher said that she had learned through Twitter some time ago that an elephant named ‘Kaavan’ was in the worst condition in Pakistan and people had asked her for help.

American Singer Cher
People appealed for Kaavan’s help on Twitter, actress; PC: AP

The actress said that although she did not pay much attention to requests or appeals on Twitter, since she loved animals since childhood, she paid attention to Kaavan’s appeals for help and decided to help her.

Chir said she later enlisted the help of international animal welfare organizations to resolve the issue, then on Twitter, she started directly demanding from Pakistani institutions, people, and officials to remove ‘Kaavan’ from Islamabad Zoo.

Cher also expressed happiness that she got the opportunity to work in the documentary on Cher’s life, Cher and the world’s loneliest elephant.

Cher said that she was lucky that the role of her and the elephant was important in the said film and she also got the opportunity to sing in front of the elephant in the documentary.

Kaavan elephant lived in Pakistan for 35 years
Kaavan lived in Pakistan for 35 years – PC: AFP

At the same time, in the program, Cher said that work on a film on her life will be started soon and she wants a new actress to play her role.

It may be recalled that Kaavan was transferred from Pakistan to Cambodia in November 2020.

Kaavan was ordered to be relocated abroad by the Supreme Court. The elephant was first found in a very narrow space and in the worst conditions at the Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad.

“Kaavan” was given to Pakistan by Sri Lanka as a gift in 1985 and at that time she was just one year old.

A documentary on Kaavan’s life was made shortly after Kaavan’s move to Cambodia, which was released in April 2021 on the streaming website Paramount Plus and in May on the Smithsonian Channel.

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