WASHINGTON: A former US president had to flee a White House window to save his life at a time when the situation was spiraling out of control during the swearing-in ceremony.

The incident took place in the United States during the 11th presidential election in 1828. In that election, Republican President John Quincy Adams failed to win a second term, and the victory went to 61-year-old Democratic candidate Andrew Jackson.

Later, on March 4, 1829, the swearing-in ceremony of the new president was held in Washington, DC. About 21,000 people turned out to watch their favorite newly elected president, Andrew Jackson, take the oath of office.


After taking the oath and delivering the address, Jackson headed to the White House, where it was customary to open the door to receive guests and their meals. However, the year 1829 was different from the previous year when about 21,000 people intended to enter the White House to meet and congratulate the new president.

As soon as President Jackson arrived at the White House, there was chaos and stampede in the hall, with some people running to the chairs and dining tables, including the shoes. Many utensils and furniture were also damaged during the incident.

Anarchy, on the other hand, was born out of a frenzy of men and women in the White House. White House staff delivered plain and alcoholic beverages to the garden along with the White House so that large numbers of people could move there.

In all this hustle and bustle, US President Jackson was trapped inside the White House. According to sources, he escaped through a back door while other sources said that the President along with several members of Congress had escaped through a window of the White House.

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