New Delhi: The Modi government’s stubbornness towards Indian farmers continues but international personalities have raised their voices against Modi’s atrocities.

According to details, Indian farmers are protesting in New Delhi, instead of listening to the protesting farmers, the Modi government’s extremism and bigotry are continuing and state violence is continuing against them.

World-renowned personalities have also become the voice of Indian farmers against the Modi government’s protest against state violence against farmers. American singer Rihanna tweeted an article on violence against farmers and wrote that why don’t we talk about it.

As soon as Rihanna’s tweet came to light, Hindutva’s BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) supporters have taken to social media against her, following Rihanna’s tweet, she has become a trend on Indian social media. And 486.8 thousand people have liked his post and this series continues even after 15 hours.

Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg has expressed solidarity with Indian farmers after American pop singer Rihanna, sharing a post on the social networking site Twitter, wrote to farmers protesting against the government’s controversial agriculture laws. Express solidarity and protest with the farmers.

On the other hand, Indian farmers have extended the scope of the protest and announced a nationwide protest on February 6, while the Modi government has suspended internet service in nearby areas to silence the voices of the farmers sitting on the sit-in.

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