Yemen, airport blasts erupt as newly elected ministers’ plane lands, severe attack

Sanaa: Terrorists attacked a plane at the airport in the Yemeni city of Aden, as a result of which 13 people have been confirmed dead so far, while more deaths are feared.

According to the news agency, Aden airport was suddenly attacked today while the newly elected ministers of the Yemeni government were getting off the plane. Were

According to police officials, the terrorists fired three mortar shells at the plane, after which several explosions were heard. Ministers and dignitaries were safe in the blast and have been shifted to a safe place.

According to the report, a fire broke out after the attack on Aden Airport, which firefighters were called to control.

Authorities have confirmed that 13 people have been killed so far in the attack, both civilians and airport employees.

Local media have released footage of the aftermath of the blast, which showed the plane parked on the runway, as well as the airport launch and broken glass.

Police and security forces cordoned off the area and banned all movement, fearing that terrorists were present inside the airport.

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