WASHINGTON – Trump’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have been shut down after his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts were blocked.

According to international media reports, YouTube has also temporarily shut down US President Trump’s channel. According to a statement issued by the spokesperson of the video-sharing platform, a recent video on Trump’s channel caused violence. The video violated company policies.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, after a thorough investigation, we have suspended Trump’s account for a week, after which the matter will be reviewed.

The video-sharing platform added that it would take additional steps to disable comments below videos on Trump’s channel, adding that the second strike would result in a two-week suspension of the channel and a third. As a result of the strike, a permanent ban will be imposed. It should be noted that on January 9, the Twitter administration had permanently shut down President Trump’s personal account, calling the move a conspiracy of Democrats and left-wing extremists. ۔

Trump said that 75 million of my voters were accounted to be silenced, predicting that my account would be removed from Twitter.

Trump hints at creating social media platform after ban

On January 10, US President Trump hinted at creating a new social media platform following the ban on Twitter and Facebook.

Last week, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Hill government building, instructing his supporters to go home, saying “we know the election results have been stolen.” Trump’s video was deleted by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter due to the threat of a breach of the peace.

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